is a relational network of gospel-formed communities who live as missionary servants in and for Colorado Springs. We are part of a missional church planting movement committed to multiply apprentices of Jesus and missional, incarnational expressions of the church glocally (locally and globally).


In the GRASSROOTS family, we affirm that men and women living TOGETHER under the rule and reign of Jesus complete the image of God and are equal in value/being, different in roles, and beautifully complementary. In view of this, both men AND women are able to lead within and teach the entire church body according to their affirmed gifting, character, and ability.

Gospel Communities

GRASSROOTS Gospel Communities

GOSPEL COMMUNITIES are gatherings of 6-20 people that engage in gospel-shaped rhythms of life together. They eat, learn, pray, serve and seek to tangibly express the kingdom as a sign, foretaste, and instrument. This is the entry point and organizing structure of GRASSROOTS.

Fight Clubs


FIGHT CLUBS are gatherings of 2-4 people (from a Gospel Community) who encourage one another in the fight to keep the gospel the central reality of their lives. It’s in these intimate spaces that we learn to be vulnerable, listen to the Spirit, and faithfully participate in God’s mission together.

Family Reunion

GRASSROOTS Family Reunion

Gospel Communities gather monthly for a FAMILY REUNION 719 Commons (which we started and manage) that we call an Agape Feast: feasting on Jesus around the table as we worship through the enjoyment of food, relationships, music, teaching, dialogue, prayer, communion, gifts, storytelling, etc.

equip :: “preparing, mending, or restoring people to their proper use”

Above is the YouTube playlist (expandable menu in the upper right corner) for what we call Trinitarian Gifts. These lay the foundation for how we understand the gifts detailed in Romans 12, Ephesians 4, and 1 Corinthians 12.
The Artizo podcast is how we distribute equipping nuggets for our body to digest each week. The heart of the content is generally 5-7 minutes. Subscribe to the podcast using our RSS Feed (iTunes | Soundcloud).
The playlist above is for the 2021 Eat This Book Family Challenge. Simply click the icon in the upper right corner to reveal all the available videos which are in the same order as our reading plan. You can purchase the 2021 Eat This Book Family Challenge on for $7.50.

Advent :: Love, What Love?!

God is love and so He gave
Or so the Good Book reads…
But now my heart feels as if it is
The only one that bleeds

Are You the one who forgot me or strayed?
Or have I been the one who has carelessly disobeyed?
My mind fails to believe the love that You have given
That everything I’ve done can be fully forgiven…

Advent :: Peace

Peace… a fickle word that often is easier to say than it is to actually have. In our culture, the word “peace” is used as a way to say goodbye. Peace is often talked about in superficial terms. Yet, for most of us, peace seems elusive. If you’re at peace right now, I commend you. Awesome! I’m encouraged by that. But if you’re struggling in this moment with feeling at peace, maybe this blog can help you a little. If you find anything helpful, I ask that you share a little bit of your struggle to find peace with someone else…

Advent :: Unspeakable Joy

As long as I can remember, I’ve wrestled deeply with depression. Every morning for the past 47 years, I’ve woken up feeling as if there was a 500 pound emotional barbell weighing down my soul. As a teen, I didn’t understand how to deal with the magnitude of my inner struggle. And when personal and family struggles began to pile up…

Advent :: Freezing Cold Hope

Fingertips and ears aching, chin and cheeks burning. It is the winter cold. Trees bare their naked twisted branches, grass shrivels into crisp, brown deadness. This is the deadly winter cold. Animals hide, clouds hover, all of creation falls asleep under the sparkling, white enchantment. Everything looks dead, cold, all hope has been lost for green life. But wait, roots in the ground hold the tiniest spark of life. Seeds lie dormant, awaiting. Trees full of icicles pause, quiet. Nature knows there is always hope…

Patience in the Process

Inside I was grumbling, maybe cursing. I had accumulated huge piles of wood for my projects and they had gotten, shall we say, a little out of hand… Today was the day I had to get it all organized. Clouds were billowing and threatening to dump water, weeds were encompassing my workspace, and a halfway-chopped tree was in my way. I groaned…

God the Approachable Father

“Mom, mom, mom, MOM, MOM, MOMMMMMYYYYYYY!!” Startled out of my daydreaming, I suddenly enter back into reality to my three-year-old daughter desperately trying to get my attention for the fifteenth time in just as many minutes. She wanted to ask me a vitally important question about the whereabouts of one of her favorite stuffed animals…

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Eat This Book NT Challenge

Read the NT 1x (annually), 4x (quarterly), or 12x (monthly) in 2018 with a weekly "prayerful missional movement" to engage as subversive missionary servants in Colorado Springs. For those reading it 1x annually, you will receive book overview videos on the "bold" dates in your reading plan. Regardless, a video playlist of the overviews and a PDF of the reading plan are on

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