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Advent :: Love, What Love?!

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Shepherd | 0 comments

God is love and so He gave
Or so the Good Book reads…
But now my heart feels as if it is
The only one that bleeds

Are You the one who forgot me or strayed?
Or have I been the one who has carelessly disobeyed?
My mind fails to believe the love that You have given
That everything I’ve done can be fully forgiven

Why must people struggle if You say You are love?
Why can’t heaven and earth be remade NOW?
Why won’t You just send Jesus to come from above?
Why are we waiting for every knee to bow? (They won’t all bow, you know, Jesus.)

You leave the 99 to find the one
Why do you care about that little lost one? (They don’t care about You, You know, Jesus.)
Just take the few You have, remake things new, and be done
Until I realize that MY HEART was once that ONE

Gut wrenched, I wake into reality
RE-realize the depth of Your LOVE for ALL
That You’d experience a life like mine, fragility
Quiet my heart falls into Your call…

Your grace as my sail, Your love as my rudder
I follow Your call, to seek sister and brother
You and I haven’t figured things out
But I want to trust… when I don’t, call me out

LOVE change my heart into what You meant it to be…
Wrestling with doubt until I become free
To be and to care and to finally see
How Your Kingdom can come through broken people like me…