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Christmas Eve Poem :: Incarnation

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Apostle | 0 comments

This is a poem that I wrote and performed on Christmas Eve during our joint gathering with Compass Church, Wayfarer’s Chapel, and City Church as the body participated in communion together in the Ivy Wild School gym.

God takes on flesh

Divinity clothed in humanity
Despite his mother’s virginity
Jesus – the epitome of humility
The second person of the Trinity
Stepped out of eternity
And into adversity

Into death and decay
A people astray


God WITH us

He was born to die
To reverse the curse and justify
To redeem what was lost and indemnify – us

And so…
We ABIDE in Him

His body and blood – the prerequisite offering
Sinners being made righteous by the wounds of our risen King
Forgiven through suffering
Redemption unfaltering
Disarms all our posturing

And makes us anew

A redemptive community
In Christ our impunity

This eschatological love feast
Brings LIFE to the least

A declaration of jubilee
Rooted in history
That sets the captives free
And calls us to unity

Let us cleave on this Christmas Eve
To the One in whom we believe
For in HIM we live and move and have our be-ing
Take and eat and from our hearts sing
Because of the Incarnate One, Christ, the newborn King