Fight Clubs

Transformational communities fighting to live into the gospel

What are GRASSROOTS Fight Clubs?

Fight Clubs are gender specific (men with men/women with women) gatherings of those in Gospel Communities who encourage one another to keep the gospel the central reality of our lives. Fight Clubs begin with 2-3 people; however, after the addition of a 4th person, the community should begin to prayerfully consider multiplying. Those in a Fight Club are committed to:

  • Fight the good fight of faith
  • Fight the lure of temptation and sin
  • Fight the spiritual battle against the enemy
  • Fight to live into the gospel with intentionality

Fight Clubs gather at various times and places throughout the city. Those in a Fight Club are:

  • Learning to be vulnerable as they mutually confess sins and release burdens to Jesus (gospel freedom)
  • Learning to listen to the Spirit as they read and/or listen to Scripture [12-20 ch/wk] (gospel immersion)
  • Learning to faithfully pray for, pursue, and love one another and their neighbors (gospel multiplication)

In order to be a part of a Fight Club, you must first be a vital part of a Gospel Community.