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Advent :: Freezing Cold Hope

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Shepherd | 0 comments

Fingertips and ears aching, chin and cheeks burning. It is the winter cold. Trees bare their naked twisted branches, grass shrivels into crisp, brown deadness. This is the deadly winter cold. Animals hide, clouds hover, all of creation falls asleep under the sparkling, white enchantment. Everything looks dead, cold, all hope has been lost for green life. But wait, roots in the ground hold the tiniest spark of life. Seeds lie dormant, awaiting. Trees full of icicles pause, quiet. Nature knows there is always hope

Winter is a season that is integral to life. Just like valleys of shadow are necessary in the life of a believer. It doesn’t mean we’ve been forsaken, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Winter causes something that looks like death, but it is not total devastation. Winter causes pain in the biting cold, but not destruction.

In this season of Advent, we are frozen in waiting. Some days feel like death. Some days feel like hopelessness. But there is hope. We await the arrival of our Savior King who will restore and renew EVERYTHING that is broken. Total redemption, beauty, restoration, wholeness…

But right now we wait in the bitterness of the in-between. Lives ache with brokenness, families fall apart, money doesn’t buy what it used to, friendships are strained. But there is still hope… As our Savior Jesus lives, there is still hope in the darkness and chill of a broken world. The whole world is writhing in pain, awaiting the birth of renewal…