Missional Residencies

Join GRASSROOTS on the missional journey

GRASSROOTS offers long-term Missional Residencies and short-term Missional Internships. Our desire is to offer a comprehensive ministry and leadership experience tailored to draw out the calling and character of each participant so that they can increase their effectiveness as missionary servants in our city. GRASSROOTS Missional Residents/Interns play a significant role in the life of the local church, gaining ministry and leadership experience within the GRASSROOTS movement.

Missional Residents/Interns serve within the GRASSROOTS Leadership Community, apprentice under a missional leader, and are matched with a coach who would provides godly encouragement, supervision, and accountability. Missional Residents/Interns are further equipped through our theological and practical training.

Our long-term Missional Residency requires a time commitment of between 10-15 hours per week for a minimum 1 year term. After year 1, the residency term may be extended for up to 2 additional years based upon the resident’s qualifications and faithfulness (at the discretion of GRASSROOTS leadership). Applicants should possess a desire to become immersed in theological training from a distinctly Trinitarian, missional perspective, sense a calling to holistically live into incarnational mission, and must be willing to relocate geographically in order to live on mission in the context of one of our Gospel Communities.

Missional Residencies are primarily funded by through ministry team development in partnership with Reliant Missions, which screens each applicant using an extremely thorough application process. Applicants must attend a training designed to equip Missional Residents in how to effectively develop a ministry team to fund their residency. Once this training has been completed, the applicant must develop a ministry team that effectively funds 90% of their approved salary before their residency can begin. Each Missional Resident will be coached throughout the ministry team development process.

As an alternative to ministry team development, a Missional Resident may serve bi-vocationally within the GRASSROOTS family or apply to receive residency funds via the PPBA, NAMB, or the BGAV. In this case, we would walk the applicant through our own application process. Each Missional Resident will receive the benefit of up to $100 in monthly ministry reimbursements for use in missional, neighborhood-centric ministry.

If you are interested in a short-term Missional Internship (i.e. Summer, Fall, or Spring), GRASSROOTS would walk you through our own application process, determine the means for your funding (i.e. job, fundraising through GRASSROOTS, etc.) and create a customized, tailored plan for you to experience our culture, participate in our leadership gatherings, and walk through our missionary intensives. Missional Interns are expected to devote 10-15 hours per week into missional/incarnational living and their practical missionary training.

The journey towards a Missional Residency/Internship begins by completing the interest form below.

Missional Residency/Internship Interest Form