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Trinity and Prayer

by | May 22, 2017 | Shepherd | 0 comments

“Have you had your time with God this morning? When do you do your daily devotions?” Those questions started to intrigue me recently. They have become funny questions, whereas I used to ask them regularly. Think about it. When are the specific “times” that we’re in the presence of God? Isn’t he always present with us?

How would our lives be transformed if we came to the awareness that God is always with us? What would change if we lived with the moment-to-moment understanding that the presence of the Father and Son is within us at all times by the Holy Spirit? Not only that, but His gaze and presence pierces through the physical, tangible world into the realm of our heart, emotions, mind, and soul. Every thought, every feeling is before Him at every moment. Emmanuel, “God WITH us” – within, throughout, among, present, here, now, always.

How would our prayers change if we stopped and fully engaged more often? How would our words be transformed if we could behold His tangible presence in front of our eyes? Stop moving now, imagine, be still, breathe, listen, trust, let the name “Emmanuel” escape from your mind through the mouthpiece God created and allow that to change your ordinary prayer into a glorious conversation with our Love. He is WITH us…

In the quiet, in the stillness I know that You are God…in the chaos, in confusion I know You’re sovereign still… “None But Jesus” – Hillsong United

When you come into His presence, it should be with the mindset that before a word begins to form, I am fully known, and I am wholly loved. In Matthew 6, Jesus says we’re to come to Him as His child, not as a pious prick with an impressive vocabulary—I say this tongue-in-cheek.

God as Trinity is fully engaged with us when we speak to Him. Because of the imputation of Christ’s righteousness, we are acceptable in God’s sight. All of the sonship of Jesus is now ours! Therefore, we can BOLDLY come to God as Father. In these moments of silence, recognize that Jesus stands at the right hand of the Father interceding for us, along with the Spirit within us (Romans 8:26-27, 34)! The duty-filled, one-sided monologue becomes a holy interaction with the God of heaven and earth. The mundane becomes majestic. How awesome a thought, that the God of splendor and Father of lights wants our hearts.

This week during times of prayer, speak these words first and let them transform your interaction with our Father: “Father, thank You that I am fully known, and I am wholly loved by You.