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Trinity and Salvation

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Evangelist | 0 comments

A poetic response to Eph. 1:3-14

I’ve tried to find freedom
I’ve tried to find salvation
I’ve tried to find peace
But just found depression

Trying to find a way to cope
Feelings of being alone and lost
Living without joy, no hope
Continually striving, but at what cost?

You see, salvation can’t be bought
It can’t be sold or traded
It only has its source in God
Through whom we were created

And what a sweet salvation he gives
One that blesses us continually
Though it was through the blood of the Son
You and I can receive it freely

I guess not totally free
Because we must give God our lives
But that is an easy exchange
As we gain everything in Christ

Not only salvation from sin
We receive the most glorious grace
A new family of brothers and sisters
And the chance to one day see his face

And all of this done by his will
For the praise of his glory and fame
Marked and sealed with the Holy Spirit
With power to proclaim Jesus’ name

We now have joy and life in eternity
So let’s respond by telling all the people
And be forever thankful for this Trinity
Leaning into the power of God who is able